At 13Arrows, I am dedicated to using ethical materials for all my clothing, from the fabric and thread to the snaps and buttons. Most fabrics made today are manufactured where it's cheaper because of the lack of government regulations for labor, safety, and environmental protection. Things made in previously colonized countries aren't made cheaper by magic-it stems from a lower standard of living and not having access to clean air and water, healthcare, and good education. By purchasing things made in this way, we endorse this exploitation with our money-one of our most poignant means of power today. By using researched ethical materials, I am trying to show my respect for everything involved from the land that grew the cotton, to the shop that I purchased the fabric from. I try to keep all the contributors in mind when I make decisions about what I use and buy in my own life, as well as in my business. 

When you buy something from 13Arrows, you know that one person sewed it from start to finish, with attention to detail, building on the work of so many other people. Every garment is unique in some way from any other in the world.  This individuality is a part of the connection I like to feel between the things I buy, the individuals that make them, and the world we're all a part of.